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Wasp RemovalWasps are one of the most dangerous insects out there and the worst part is that they frequently build nests near houses Every year the summer months bring these stinging wasps to back yards throughout the area. There are many different types of wasps and many of them can become a problem around the house. The most common sign of an infestation is noticing a yellow jacket near your home. Inspect the exterior walls of your home and fascia for wasps. Take care not to get too close to a nest, as some kinds of wasps can be very aggressive. The sting of a wasp is not only unpleasant, but it can be deadly for people that are allergic. If you have noticed a wasp nest on your residential or commercial property or near your home, you should call our wasp extermination technicians at Latham Pest Control right now! Never attempt to deal with these dangerous stinging by yourself without the help of an expert.

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Our local pest control services are designed to get to the root of your concern and removes common pests while also stopping new ones from entering. We specialize in providing pest control solutions in houses, commercial properties, and other grounds in Latham and the surrounding cities. We carry out pest control services to eliminate wasps, yellow jackets, and other bothersome pests. Our wasp control specialists are trained to use the most innovative pest-control equipment and are devoted to providing trusted, quality service. We are committed to providing reliable services that are safe for your home, family members, animals and the environment, so you won’t have to stress over there being negative effects to your pest control experience. Whether it’s tick removal, ant treatment, or any other pest control service we provide, the pros at Latham Pest Control have you covered!

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We know how important protecting your house is. When you work with us, our goal is to provide you with not only a service you need but one you can count on. Our mission is to protect your house and business using only the most effective and safe techniques of wasp extermination. We supply the experience you need when you are in the precarious situation of requiring wasp removal in Latham. We take our profession seriously and we are committed to making your property our top priority no matter what sort of insect problem there may be. We provide personalized plans designed to fit your requirements. If you are having issues with wasps, call 518-631-5298 to speak to a knowledgeable expert.